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GeN2Mo Think of a rougher, harsher version of Raunchy without clean vocals and you'll probably arrive somewhere near Darkemist. Melodic Death Metal with a distinctly Modern feel created by Meshuggah-inspired syncopated grooves and Synth-driven melodies. They may not be well known but they narrow the formula down a bit more with each release like not too many others manage to and they are almost at its absolute sweetspot with "Entrainment". Favorite track: All Wounds Clean.
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Entrainment is the third album of Melodic Death Metal band Darkemist.


released November 7, 2013

"Entrainment" line-up:
Juan Luis Burquez - Vocals
Ramón Pasternak - Guitar
Carlos Espejo - Bass
Sergio Alvarez - Guitar
Guillermo Pereira - Drums
Produced by Ramón Pasternak & Darkemist
Recorded, Mixed & Mastered by Ramón Pasternak



all rights reserved


Darkemist Santiago, Chile

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Track Name: Lockdown
I don’t remember when I arrived here
Seems like forever
Back on the edge, right where you found me that day
Can you help me remember? I erased all my memories

The time you said forever
I knew I had no choice
I had to run as far as I could
I’ve been here for years but I don’t want to stay, I’ve lost all faith I had in me
As I get back on track just wanna meet myself at the end of the day
Wait for another lifetime to ever see the sun
Believe in nothing we were told

There’s a path I chose and it leads here
Will you tell me why I can no longer feel?
Is the anguish inside the only memory left?
Teach me how to break free, from this hell within
Tell me how to find what has been lost for so long
Look for the rope…is this the time to make things right?
Or is the time to make you smile?

Staring at the walls is what keeps me sane
But we are trying in denial
And please tell me why, I don’t understand, why all this rage towards me?

I will break this day
I will wreck this place
I will find out why I’m here
I will meet you in my dreams
Track Name: All Wounds Clean
Step outside this hell, the one I create
It’s time to move away with all wounds clean
I’ve got a brand new face, a face to share
But deep inside the dead man slowly awakes

I see my end is here, you are no where near
Can’t see, can’t feel, the end is here!
I’m walking to your light, all I see is dark
Try not to fall down, give me a hand

Then she comes, arms wide open to embrace me, to save me and calm me down.
Hope you are here to replace me and bring all my fears down

We force ourselves, to bond in countless ways.
Yet we feel so alone,

In the end everything ends up the same,
When fear is your only friend.

But nothing can break me now
So bring everything you've got inside

The wounded domain, I gently recreate
All the false hope you spread got no room here
I see a dead man’s face with a fragile smile to spare
Waiting for the healing part that never came

Then she comes, arms wide open to embrace me, erase me and calm me down.
Hope you are here to replace me and bring all my fears down

Because when I look at you I see nothing at all
And looking at me is what I hate the most
Track Name: Dislodgement
Doesn’t matter how hard you try
To deny who you are
We all see through your greedy eyes
We’ll rip out this masquerade in a blink of an eye
Mislead, misinform, media control, to put you on top
But today the tables turn, but today the tables turn

Let’s take the streets tonight my friend
Because they belong to us
Some things just can’t be bought
We are almost dead but still in control

We’re never gonna be part of this
We took another way, to be free
I question your authority
Society left its trace for us to burn it to death.

What’s the price to pay to be part of it?
What’s the way to depart from it?

We refuse to live another day
In a system so decayed
There is a crack in your wall
And time is ticking for you all

Don’t hesitate, go forth today
It is the time, see all the signs
Take what’s yours tonight, take what’s yours tonight
Track Name: Humbled
Time didn’t heal me as you used to say
It didn’t get easier as you told me it would be
The pain faded away, but something else came to take its place

All the sounds I hear are tearing me apart
All the sights I look for are making me blind
There are a couple of things I haven’t said yet my friend
But does it matter when there’s nothing left to be fixed?

We are running backwards
Humbled again
Though we saw it coming
I never prepared myself
But in my dreams I’m finally free
Can you give me something that could help me believe?

Come, taste me, hold me and then throw me away
You know I don’t believe a word you say
Taste me, hold me and then throw me away
You know I’m getting meaner day by day

I don’t get how I ended up in here
Is there a sign to help me breathe?
Do you understand why you are on your own?
Where’s the knife to carve my name on you

Just go, just go, no looking back otherwise…

Here I stand still searching for a way
Still running backwards
Humbled again
I don’t need to remember what I cannot forget
Track Name: A Finite Timeline
Our lives got invaded by the machine
We start to hate our selves, hate what we are
What’s this? What we’ve become?

It’s a matter of time, to see which side you`re on
It’s a matter of hope you can put a stop to this

There was a time when I trusted you
There was a line we needed to cross

There’s confrontation and a little more
When decreation opens the door

I feel there’s no way out – I know I’m not in here alone
You feel so scared inside

A refuge we’ve built
So fragile, so weak
Can’t have my mind at ease, until you flee with me
Let’s repress all conformity

It’s a matter of time, to see which side you’re on
It’s a matter of hate between you and me

There was a time when I needed you
There was a line we feared to cross

There’s frustration and a little more
When decreation opens the door

We wander alone, to re-order things inside
To stop the chaos within, we must choose sides

Just a matter of time to see if we are on the same side
Or a matter of lives that went down the drain

You feel there’s no way out, you feel so scared inside
This is the time when we forget it all
There was a line that’s already erased
There’s only one way out, just fly free tonight
Escape from this dead end, the date is set for today
Track Name: Forever Ends Tonight
We’ve done nothing wrong, is there anything we can do right?
We’ve done a lot, that’s what brought us here
The Morning smile, a suit that never fits quite well
The show is on to wear our fears and hopes once more
Sit and wait we’ll blow ourselves away, bringing relief and sweet release

I felt something was right when I woke up today
Maybe because forever ends tonight
Bring the party, bring the light
All the time that we have lost, we’ll get it back tonight

Oh patience, my dear patience I haven’t seen you around
In the border of sanity swinging back and forth

We don’t care for the living, we don’t care for the dead
We are rolling tonight, in a demon disguise

Shift our pace so we can get there
The night is my empire

The new day ahead, will we see the end of it?
We struggle on, so many choices for us to make
We stumble on, move forward never look back
I’d love to stay but my life is waiting for me outside

Don’t turn around or you’ll realize that we are still on square one
Track Name: Decieved
I need to learn to trust
I need to learn to live
I need to learn to fall
Man, I need it every single day

Everyday is a battle for me
With few victories
And countless losses
Can we break the streak today?

Wake up from this self-induced sleep
You always react, the absence of drive

I’ve learned how to trust
I’ve learned how to live
I’ve learned how to fall
I don’t want to end up decieved by you again, never again

To escape from the hurt in circles we run, we are heading again to crash in its face.
We live, we fall, we rise and behold the mess we’ve become just to live another day.
In sorrow we walk, blindfolded we’ll go.
To trust them again just to end up deceived
Track Name: Finders Keepers
Chaos left the scene today
I find myself drifting away in this 4 walled hell
I remember what I used to be
But I don’t know what’s next for me

Make up your mind before you unleash those stabbing words
Because tomorrow will be too late to regret
The panic you feel for sharing all your dreams is slowly setting in

Is there anyone out there willing to find me?
Are you ready to support what’s left of me?
A new set of eyes merging into me
Will you stay here or flee like everyone else?

Is it fear what brought us here?
Is the unknown what keeps us free?
I’m waiting for the new to be revealed
I’m waiting for you to take the wheel

Everything ends, no time for regrets
Even with all odds against me
Are you still out there? Please come and find me
Track Name: Of Lies and Men
Breed them so they can follow
The ultimate goal is to cut their wings off
You’ll be forced to submit
Judged and condemned to heaven on earth

I’ve been searching, I’ve been watching
How deep is the fear in you?
In nothingness you live
Just stay away from me

I’m part of this earth, part of the universe
I ain’t part of your “master plan”
(Just) by myself, for myself and for the ones I care I’ll be there

In the end you will see that none of those things were real
(Now see) the burning of the enlightened and its flock of the frightened
How we wasted all our lives? Now we cry for a little while
To recover the missing time – it’s too late

‘cause we are selling you deceit, a few choices and agony
You will be forever saved in a picture perfect hell
All I need is within me, all the stars and the scar fields
All the truth I’ve been searching is inside the mind of the true men

It’s a world of shit we are living in these days
It feels so good to be numb,I don’t need to decide
Let me be a part of your twisted bond
Please call all the shots for me

I’ve been thinking and I found it

I look at you, an empty head
I see no life, see no dreams
Here I stand by myself, with the ones that dare we fly free